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Stellar Tide is an original independent rock band. Their roots include flavors of Hendrix, Dylan, Cash and the Beatles, to name a few. Influential styles include Folk, Reggae, Americana, World music, and European art-music (aka “classical”). Their sound ends up being a unique high-energy blend of music, always distinctively Stellar. With a large body of original works, Stellar Tide shows are unique.

Recent shows of note include headlining the 23rd - 25th annual Yellow Pine Music and Harmonica Festivals as well as playing for the Local Union-149 Boise Firefighters Burn-out fund at St. Chappelle Winery, with proceeds going to help families with emergency services after enduring a home fire. Stellar Tide has played events throughout the summer for the past several years at the Crane Creek Country club, as well as playing regularly in Boise, Eagle, and McCall. Stellar Tide will be headlining at the 26th Yellow Pine Music and Harmonica Festival, occurring the first weekend of August in beautiful Yellow Pine, ID.

"Stellar Tide’s unique musical style delighted our diverse audience to hours of enjoyment! From upbeat takes on old favorites to their own rockin’ songs, Stellar Tide is a must-see. We are thrilled to have them return, year after year, to the Yellow Pine Music and Harmonica Festival."
-Deb Filler, Event Coordinator.

Meet the band:

venusVenus Kadre, on lead/backing vocals, fretless bass, and ukulele is a classically trained Spinto soprano with an ethereal voice. Venus holds a Music-Business from Boise State University.

noahNoah Kadre, on lead/backing vocals, guitars, keys and harmonica, has a diverse range of talents that know no bounds! Noah is a graduate of Boise State University with a degree in Mathematics, and a nearly completed Masters in Educational Technology.